Preliminary PROGRAM of the Sessions

Wednesday | Thursday | Friday | Poster Session

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

17:00-20:00 Registration

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

8:00-8:45 Registration and coffee
8:45-9:00 Opening: Jarosław Mizera - Dean of the Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering and Andrzej Kolasa - Dean of the Faculty of Production Engineering, Warsaw University of Technology

Session I: Nanostructured Cast Iron Alloys

Chairman: professor Dawid Myszka

Keynote lecture: S. K. Putatunda, S. Panneerselvam, M. Alshwigi: Processing of a nanostructured austempered ductile cast iron (ADI)


A. Nofal: ADI - The material revolution and its applications at CMRDI


E. Skołek, K. Wasiluk, W. Świątnicki, D. Myszka: The microstructure of the ductile iron after various austempering heat treatments - the time effect


K. Wasiluk, E. Skołek, D. Myszka, W. Świątnicki: Nanostructured ductile iron for waste grinders

11:00-11:20 Coffee break

Session II: Nanostructuring of Steels by Heat Treatment Process

Chairman: dr Carlos Garcia Mateo

Invited lecture: B. Avishan, M. Abdolalipour, S. Yazdani: Austemperability of large chunk nanostructured steel designed based on thermodynamic model


W. Świątnicki: Nanostructuring of commercial steels by heat treatment


J. Marcisz, W. Burian, J. Janiszewski: Microstructural changes of the nanostructured bainitic steel induced by quasi-static and dynamic deformation

12:45-14:10 Lunch and coffee

Session III: Stability and Optimisation on Nanocrystalline Structure in Steels

Chairman: dr Behzad Avishan

Invited lecture: M. A. Santajuana, R. Rementeria, M. Kuntz, F. G. Caballero, J. A. Jimenez, C. Garcia-Mateo: Understanding the tempering process of nanocrystalline bainite


S. Marciniak, E. Skołek, W. Świątnicki: Controlling the phase composition of X37CrMoV5-1 steel with a nanobainitic structure by means of custom-designed heat treatments

Session IV: Cast Iron Alloys: Heat Treatment, Microstructure And Properties

Chairman: professor Susil K. Putatunda

M. Soliman, H. Palkowski, A. Nofal: Multiphase ausformed austempered ductile iron


T. Giętka, K. Ciechacki: Influence of chemical composition and heat treatment on charpy impact resilience of ADI


D. Myszka, E. Skołek, A. N. Wieczorek, T. Giętka: Wear properties of low temperature NiCu ausferritic ductile iron


G. Gumienny, B. Kurowska, T. Szymczak: Effect of nickel on the crystallization and microstructure of compacted graphite cast iron

16:55-17:20 Coffee break

Poster Session

Thursday, 7 July 2016

8:15-9:00 Registration and coffee

Session V: Durability and Degradation Processes of Steel And Cast Iron in Extreme Conditions

Chairman: professor Adel Nofal

Invited lecture: A. Atrens, J. Venezuela, Q. Liu, Q. Liu, M. Zhang, Q. Zhou: Review of hydrogen effects in some martensitic steels


J. Krawczyk, E. Rożniata, S. Zimowski, M. Kot, R. Dądrowski, R. Dziurka, Ł. Frocisz: The role of microstructure in high temperature tribology of iron alloys


J. Dworecka, W. Piekoszewski, K. Rożniatowski, E. Jezierska, W. Świątnicki: Heat treatment effect on resistance to wear and rolling contact fatigue of 100CrMnSi6-4 steel

10:30-10:50 Coffee break

Session VI: Phase Transformations in Steels

Chairperson: professor Ludmila Kučerová

Invited lecture: M. Gouné, F. Danoix, X. Sauvage, D. Huin, S. Allain: Phase transformations in modern steels: interaction of alloying elements with transformation interface


Invited lecture:J. Pacyna: The principle of a sufficient hardenability of the light CCT diagrams


Invited lecture: A. Grajcar: Thermodynamic analysis of phase transitions in advanced multiphase steel showing the transformation-induced plasticity effect


R. Kawulok, I. Schindler, P. Kawulok, S. Rusz, P. Opěla, P. Podolínský, K. M. Čmiel, M. Mališ: Transformation diagrams of selected steel grades with consideration of deformation effect

13:00-14:25 Lunch and coffee

Session VII: New Heat Treatment and Thermo-Mechanical Processes

Chairman: professor Adam Grajcar

Invited lecture: R. Parthiban, S. Ghosh Chowdhury, K. C. Harikumar, S. Sankaran: Evolution of microstructure and its influence on tensile properties in thermo-mechanically controlled processed (TMCP) quench and partition (Q&P) steel


D. Aišman, A. Ronešová, Š. Jeníček: Different routes for forming high-aluminium steel


B. Garbarz, M. Adamczyk, B. Niżnik-Harańczyk: Development of structural steel containing 3÷5 wt%Al with microlaminated microstructure


D. Hauserova, J. Dlouhy, P. Motycka: Structure refinement of spring steel 51CrV4 after accelerated spheroidisation

16:15-16:35 Coffee break

Session VIII: Modern AHS Steels: TRIP, DP, CP

Chairman: professor Sandip Ghosh Chowdhury

A. Gołaszewski, J. Szawłowski, W. Świątnicki: The microstructure evolution in the heat treatment process of UFG-TRIP steel


A. Kozłowska, A. Grajcar, W. Zalecki, W. Burian: Effect of strain on phase transformations of recrystallized and non-recrystallized austenite in TRIP-aided steels


L. Kučerová, J. Procházka, J. Káňa, H. Jirková: High versatility of niobium alloyed AHSS


A. Kokosza: Study of relationships between parameters of holding in bainitic range and microstructural components in medium carbon TRIP steel


Poster session


Meeting of the Scientific Committee

Conference Dinner

Friday, 8 July 2016

8:30-9:15 Registration and coffee

Session IX: Optimisation of Microstructure And Mechanical Properties of Steels

Chairman: professor Jerzy Pacyna

A. Kaijalainen, N. Vähäkuopus, M. Somani, S. Mehtonen, D. Porter, J. Kömi: The effects of finish rolling temperature and niobium microalloying on the microstructure and properties of a direct quenched high-strength steel


A. Morri, L. Ceschini, M. Pellizzari, C. Menapace, F. Vettore, E. Veneri: Effect of austempering process on microstructure and mechanical properties of 27MnCrB5-2 steel


P. Kawulok, I. Schindler, R. Kawulok, S. Rusz, P. Opěla, R. Olszar, M. Olszar, K. M. Čmiel: The influence of a cooling rate on evolution of microstructure and hardness of 27MnCrB5 steel


K. Wasiak, E. Skołek, W. Świątnicki: Microstructure, wear resistance and mechanical properties of 35CrSiMn5-5-4 steel after quenching and partitioning processes

10:55-11:15 Coffee break

Session Xa: Industrial Processes and Applications

Chairman: professor Janusz Krawczyk

R. Rana, S. Chen, S. Das, A. Haldar: Mechanical properties of a bainitic steel producible by hot rolling


S. Wiewiórowska, Z. Muskalski: Carrying out the "hot" drawing process of TRIP steel wires at different initial temperatures


K. Dychton, P. Rokicki, B. Wierzba, K. Raga, J. Sieniawski: Experimental verification of carburizing-quenching process of AISI 9310 steel gear shaft


P. Rokicki: Induction hardening of tool steel for heavily loaded aircraft engine components

12:55-14:20 Lunch and coffee

Session Xb: Industrial Processes and Applications

Chairman: professor Wiesław Świątnicki

M. Sut: Low pressure carburizing of Pyrowear® Alloy 53


A. Ciski: Deep cryogenic treatment and tempering at different temperatures of HS6-5-2 high speed steel

Session XI: Welding of High Strength Steels

Chairman: professor Bogdan Garbarz

Invited lecture: H. Dawson, M. Serrano, S. Cater, E. Jimenez-Melero: Friction stir welding of ODS steel: processing, characterization and stability


M. Morawiec, A. Grajcar, M. Różański, S. Stano: Modified twin spot laser welding of complex phase steel


S. Błacha, M. St. Węglowski, S. Dymek, M. Kopyściański: Comparison of microstructural characterization and mechanical properties of electron beam welded joints of high strength steel grade S960Q and Weldox 1300


J. Pikuła, M. Łomozik, T. Pfeifer: The influence of manual metal arc multiple repair welding of long operated waterwall on the structure and hardness of the heat affected zone of welded joints


Closing Ceremony

POSTER SESSION - registered posters

Poster session, P1
A. Ciski, P. Wach, A. Kapuścińska
Nitrided layers on X153CrMoV12 steel formed in a process combining gas nitriding with deep cryogenic treatment

Poster session, P2
J. Górka
Welding thermal cycle-triggered precipitation processes in steel S700MC subjected to the thermo-mechanical control processing

Poster session, P3
J. Górka, A. Czupryński, M. Adamiak
Properties and structure of nanocrystalline layers obtained by manual metal arc welding (MMA)

Poster session, P4
A. Grajcar, B. Grzegorczyk, M. Różański, S. Stano, M. Morawiec
Microstructural aspects of bifocal laser welding of trip steel

Poster session, P5
M. B. Jabłońska, J. Tomczak, A. Śmiglewicz
Numerical analysis of the process of dynamic tensile test of high manganese TWIP steel

Poster session, P6
D. Janicki
Microstructural evolution during laser surface alloying of ductile cast iron with titanium

Poster session, P7
D. Janicki, J. Górka, W. Kwaśny, K. Gołombek, M. Kondracki, M. Żuk
Diode laser surface alloying of armor steel with tungsten carbide

Poster session, P8
L. Kučerová, H. Jirková, B. Mašek
The influence of chromium addition on microstructure development of TRIP steel

Poster session, P9
L. Kučerová, K. Opatová, I. Zetková
Microstructure analysis of tool powder steels produced by additive manufacturing

Poster session, P10
S. Lesz, P. Skupień
Preparation and magnetic properties of Fe–based metallic glass

Poster session, P11
M. Łazarska, T. Z. Woźniak, Z. Ranachowski, P. Ranachowski, A. Trafarski
Application of acoustic emission and artificial neural networks for anlysis kinetics transition at isothermal austempering of tool steel

Poster session, P12
R. Michalczewski, W. Piekoszewski, M. Szczerek, W. Tuszyński
Surface fatigue life investigation of friction couples with nanocoatings

Poster session, P13
B. Mašek, O. Khalaj, H. Jirková, J. Svoboda
Processing of new ODS alloys with Fe-Al matrix and Al2O3 particles

Poster session, P14
M. Opiela
Thermodynamic and kinetic analysis of precipitation processes of MX-type phases in microalloyed steels

Poster session, P15
M. Popławski, A. Bartkowska, A. Piasecki
Results of the research into the oxidation process of 100Cr6 steel during continuous and isothermal heating

Poster session, P16
C. Rapiejko, B. Pisarek, T. Pacyniak
Effect of intensive cooling of alloy AM60 with chromium and vanadium additions on cast microstructure and mechanical properties

Poster session, P17
P. Rokicki, R. Chrupcala, K. Dychton
Acetylene flow rate as a crucial parameter of vacuum carburizing process of modern tool steels

Poster session, P18
E. Skołek, M. Rodakowski, W. Świątnicki
Hydrogen emibrittlement of the nanocrystalline 67SiMnCr6-6-4 steel

Poster session, P19
E. Skołek, W. Świątnicki
Nanocrystalline upper bainite

Poster session, P20
A. Śmiglewicz, G. Niewielski, M. B. Jabłońska
Evaluation of the ability of deformation energy absorption of an Mn-Al-Si high-carbon steel

Poster session, P21
J. Tuleja, Z. Zatorski
Numerical modelling of micro-stresses in carbonised austenitic cast steel under rapid cooling conditions

Poster session, P22
K. Uściński, S. Marciniak, W. Świątnicki
Influence of various heat treatments on distortion of X37CrMoV5-1 steel

Poster session, P23
P. Wach, J. Michalski, K. Burdyński
Nitrided layers with high corrosion resistance

Poster session, P24
M. Wasiluk, W. Świątnicki
Simulations of carbides precipitation in selected steels destined for nanostructurization

Poster session, P25
A. N. Wieczorek
Experimental studies on the abrasive wear of hard-wearing steels in the presence of diverse abrasive materials

Poster session, P26
A. N. Wieczorek
Experimental study on the impact of dynamic loads on the wear surface-hardened chain wheels produced from the alloy cast steel

Poster session, P27
A. N. Wieczorek
Influence of shot peening on abrasion wear in real conditions of Ni-Cu-Ausferritic Ductile Iron

Poster session, P28
A. N. Wieczorek
Operationally oriented studies on the resistance to abrasive wear of components of armoured face conveyors

Poster session, P29
A. N. Wieczorek
Operation-oriented identification of the tribocorrosion properties of steel and steel cast for mining applications

Poster session, P30
A. N. Wieczorek, A. Stachowiak
Forecasting the tribocorrosive wear of ADI cast iron containing Ni and Cu

Poster session, P31
D. Wilk-Kołodziejczyk
Supporting the manufacturing process of metal products with the methods of artificial intelligence

Poster session, P32
R. Władysiak, A. Kozuń, T. Pacyniak
The effect of water mist cooling of casting die on the solidification, microstructure and properties of AlSi20 alloy

Poster session, P33
K. Zadrożna, K. Wasiluk, W. Świątnicki,
Formation of a nanocrystalline structure in the ADI through designed heat treatment


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