1. Bała Piotr
Co-authors: Pacyna Jerzy, Dziurka Rafał
The kinetics of phase transformations in 40CrMoV5-1 hot work tool steel

2. Beladi Hossein
The formation of a fine ferrite and low temperature bainitic composite microstructure

3. Bhadeshia Harry
Anomalies in the measurement of the carbon content of defective ferrite or austenite using X-ray diffraction

4. Bonek Mirosław
The investigation of microstructures and properties of high speed steel PMHSS6-5-3 after laser alloying

5. Borek Wojciech
Structure and mechanical properties of high-manganese austenitic steels after their heat- or thermo-mechanical treatments

6. Burian Wojciech
Co-authors: Marcisz Jarosław, Garbarz Bogdan
Nanostructured bainite-austenite steel for armours construction

7. Caballero Francesca
Ultra-Fine and Nanoscale Bainitic Ferrite Structures

8. Ćwiek Janusz
Hydrogen embrittlement in high-strength low-alloy steels

9. De Knijf Dorien
Optimization and characterization of a quenching and partitioning heat treatment on a low carbon steel

10. Dudzińska Karolina
Co-authors: Marciniak Szymon, Świątnicki Wiesław
Effect of shortening of the austempering time on the nanocrystalline structure and properties of the 67SiMnCr6-6-4 bearing steel

11. Dworecka Julita
Co-authors: Jezierska Elżbieta, Rożniatowski Krzysztof, Świątnicki Wiesław
Characterization of nanobainitic structure obtained in 100CrMnSi6-4 steel after industrial heat treatment

12. Dziurka Rafał
The influence of tempering temperature on the morphology of the iron carbide precipitations and its influence on the mechanical properties

13. Garbarz Bogdan
Co-authors: Niżnik – Harańczyk Barbara
The modification of microstructure to increase toughness of high – strength nanostructured bainite – austenite steel

14. Garcia-Mateo Calos
NANOBAIN - Industrialization of a nanostructured steel

15. Gołaszewski Adam
Co-authors: Szawłowski Jerzy, Świątnicki Wiesław
Optimisation of the Complex Phase Steels microstructure and its properties through a new heat treatment process

16. Górka Jacek
Weldability of thermomechanically treated steel with high yield point

17. Grajcar Adam
Co-authors: Kwaśny Waldemar, Zalecki Władysław
Microstructure-property relationships in TRIP-aided medium-C bainitic steel with lamellar retained austenite

18. Grajcar Adam
Co-authors: Różański Maciej, Kamińska Małgorzata, Grzegorczyk Barbara
Study on non-metallic inclusions in laser-welded TRIP-aided Nb-microalloyed steel

19. Grajcar Adam
Co-authors: Kilarski Andrzej, Radwański Krzysztof
Microstructural features of strain-induced martensitic transformation in medium-Mn steels with metastable lamellar retained austenite

20. Grajcar Adam
Co-authors: Woźniak Dariusz, Skrzypczyk Paweł
Thermomechanically rolled medium-Mn steels containing retained austenite

21. Hauserová Daniela
Effect of Heating Rate on Accelerated Carbide Spheroidisation (ASR) in 100CrMnSi6-4 Bearing Steel

22. Jabłońska Magdalena
Microstructural analysis of twinning mechanism in high manganese TWIP steel after static and dynamic deformation

23. Janicki Damian
Disk laser welding of armor steel

24. Jezierska Elżbieta
Co-authors: Dworecka Julita, Rożniatowski Krzysztof
Nanobainitic structure recognition and characterization using transmission electron microscopy

25. Jirková Hana
Q-P processing of steel with 0.2% C

26. Kokosza Adam
Influence of austenitizing temperature on the kinetics of phase transformations in the TRIP steel with medium carbon content

27. Kołodziej Sławomir
Co-author: Ozgowicz Wojciech
Influence of Thermo-Mechanical Treatment on the Microstructure and Texture Evolution of a Cold-Rolled Austenitic High Manganese Steel

28. Krawczyk Janusz
Co-authors: Pacyna Jerzy, Bała Piotr
The plane strain fracture toughness (KIc) of new steels with nickel content with regarding to the carbides morphology

29. Kučerová Ludmila
The effect of alloying on mechanical properties of advanced high strength steels

30. Lisiecki Aleksander
Welding of thermomechanically rolled fine-grain steels by different types of lasers

31. Ma Ran
Acceleration of regeneration treatment by rotary impacting trailed welding

32. Marciniak Szymon
Co-authors: Skołek Emilia, Świątnicki Wiesław
The effect of step austempering on phase composition and mechanical properties of X37CrMoV5-1 steel

33. Myszka Dawid
Co-authors: Świątnicki Wiesław, Wasiluk Kamil, Skołek Emilia
Nanoausferritic matrix of ductile iron

34. Myszka Dawid
Co-authors: Świątnicki Wiesław, Wieczorek Andrzej
Manufacturing of toothed elements with nanoausferritic ductile iron

35. Myszka Dawid
Co-author: Wieczorek Andrzej
Influence of dynamic surface treatment on microstructure of austempered ductile iron in correlation to processes of wear

36. Opiela Marek
Elaboration of thermomechanical treatment conditions of Ti-V and Ti-Nb-V microalloyed forging steels

37. Pacyna Jerzy
Co-authors: Dąbrowski Robert, Rożniata Edyta, Kokosza Adam, Dziurka Rafał
Microstructure and mechanical properties of structural steel after dynamic cold working deformation

38. Pacyna Jerzy
Interpretation of cooling dilatograms in range of bainitic and martensitic transformations

39. Pawłowski Bogdan
Improper interpretation of dilatometric data for cooling transformation in steels

40. Pinto da Silva Elisabete
Study of transformation products obtained by the isothermal decomposition of austenite in AHSS below MS

41. Popławski Mikołaj
Co-authors: Anna Kwiatkowska, Adam Piasecki
An attempt to develop the methodology of examining the boron content in construction materials with the use of EDS method

42. Qin Rongshan
Nanostructured pearlitic steel

43. Rogal Łukasz
Relation between the cooling rate of X210CrW12 steel and its microstructure

44. Rożniata Edyta
Co-author: Dziurka Rafał
The phase transformations in the hypoeutectoid steels Mn-Cr-Ni

45. Skołek Emilia
Co-authors: Marciniak Szymon, Kamiński Janusz, Pobiedzińska Karolina, Świątnicki Wiesław
Nanocrystalline steels' resistance to hydrogen embrittlement

46. Sozańska Maria
Description of the structure of welded joints in heat exchangers

47. Taylor Mark
Co-authors: Matlock D.K., Sun X., Choi K.S., De Moor E., Speer J.G.
Applications of Nanoindentation Hardness Measurements to Assessments of Microstructural Constituent and Bulk Mechanical Properties of Selected Advanced High Strength Steels

48. Ushakova Olga
Fe-Cr-Co based magnetic steels: evolution of structure and properties

49. Wasiak Krzysztof
Co-authors: Skołek Emilia, Wiesław Świątnicki
Microstructure and mechanical properties of 35CrSiMn5-5-4 steel after quenching & partitioning process

50. Wasiluk Kamil
Co-authors: Skołek Emilia, Świątnicki Wiesław
Properties of low-temperature bainite obtained in surface layer of carburized 38CrAlMo steel

51. Wieczorek Andrzej
Assessment of the cumulative effect of wear processes and the dynamic interaction on the structure of ausferritic ductile iron

52. Wieczorek Andrzej
Co-author: Myszka Dawid, Tomasz Duda
Assess the wear resistance of structural materials used in harsh conditions

53. Woźniak Tadeusz
Co-authors: Ozgowicz Wojciech, Ranachowski Zbigniew, Trafarski Andrzej
Application of artificial neural networks to study transformation phases using acoustic emission in bearing steel

54. Yi Hongliang
Effect of intrinsic mechanical properties of ferrite on the overall elongation in ultra-ductile δ-TRIP alloys


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